Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So much happening!

Okay so everything Paper People related is hectic as hell right nowwww. At the moment Paper People are going to be in another Loomer poster, as well as the display picture and maybe even the background for Aus Same Teens! Also, all posters aside, Paper People is going to be exhibiting on the 28th at the Junkyard/BoxVintage fashion show... and there is potential for life size paper people to be made, which is so cool, since I have wanted to do that FOREVERRRRR (not really, just since I started PPP really).

ALL OF THAT ASIDE AGAIN, PPP shirts are potential for some time in the future.

Life is very, very good. ;)

To all those people who are part of the project thank you, and look out for yourselves on the posters and junk from now on, I am gonna make you famous ;)
If you want to be a person or have any questions about becoming one please email me anytime!

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