Thursday, March 5, 2009

P.S. Bats Launch

If you see me at the Bats launch please say hi and let me take a photo of you like I know you want me to. More Paper People = more chance of fame and fortune for you (lies) but seriously I'd like to try and make the Paper People into their own exhibit sometime in the next year (it will take that long to make hundreds of paper people, it has taken me two/three months already to get 25) so come on help a brother out, if you see me shout profanities at me to get my attention. If you let me take your photo I will in fact love you forever.

I will look somewhat like a pirate, it is my theme for the day, and I will be in black and white (and grey) if the pirate outfit fails lulz. Black and white matches Paper People DUH. Anyway this is a plea to all people desperate for fame (15 minutes of or thereabouts) photos photos photos! You can email me one at

Check out the Bats blog for deetz:
Om nom nom

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