Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Thanks to all those fantastic people who have sent me photos and are already paper people! I am collecting a pool of photos for when I need them (like now), especially for when I feel like recruiting to the paper people army on a whim. However... I kind of need photos to do so, so come on, help me out here, it's so easyyyyy.

Basically all I want is a photo of you in some really cute/cool/funky/other synonym for your best outfit, head to toe and everything in between. Think... Sartorialist, Face Hunter or All This Happiness. It would be really good if the photo was of decent quality/size but if not, it's alright!

I don't need photos before any particular time, but within the next few weeks would be reeeeally good. Email any photos to paperpeopleproject@live.com.au as well as any questions about photos you want to send. They don't have to be new photos either, so if you have photos you have wanted to send/just have around please please please send them to me!

And if you really want to see what they look like, scroll down or visit the paper people on myspace.

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