Sunday, December 20, 2009

And so it goes, that all good things must come to an end...

I'm not going to lie, writing this is actually kind of awkward. It's the internet, but still.

Basically, after a full year of doing the Paper People Project, it has come to an "official end". There are a lot of reasons for my decision, and it's something I really wish I didn't have to do, but truth be told - ever since my favourite paper friends were stolen/lost, the project has actually made me sad. I haven't been able to work on new ones, or look at old ones without feeling a pang of sadness for the ones I don't know the whereabouts of. It sounds kind of lame and stuff I guess, but losing something you have put so much time and effort into is always going to hurt, somewhat.

I'd really like to thank a whole lot of people for helping me out and nudging me along the way, and turning Paper People into something more than a summer holiday hobby. I'd mostly like to thank:

My mum and dad. Of course.

My friends, for being the first paper people, and putting up my with spamming while I was desperate for photos.

Bats Magazine, who gave me my first exhibit (and then 3 after that, I think), and for also leading the way to a whole bunch of new exhibits and contacts. I owe most of this to them (:

Everyone who became a paper person, because of course, you were the foundation for the project!

I bet there is more people to thank but off the top of my head these are the few that came to mind first. Thanks also to everyone who became fans and bought stickers and willingly put up with my spammage until it became slightly unbearable. :)

Even though it's the end of the project I am going to leave the blog / myspace / facebook fan page available, because Paper People is something I might visit sometime in the future to use for other artistic endeavors. In the meantime, I am working on another folio of artworks completely different to Paper People, and if you are at all interested you can see it all on:

Again, thanks to everyone, stickers are still available if you'd like, and you can still contact me on :)

Ebony x