Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can I be a paper person please?

Yeah you know what I would actually like that, so for all of those people who are shameless enough to take photos of themselves for me LISTEN HERE. (Actually you might just have some that fit the criteria lying around, and that's okay too, you know.)

- Photo's gotta be your whole body, head to toe in a real cute outfit (by cute outfit I mean wear whatever the fuck you like)
- Keep it decent quality and size but if I have to I can readjust and junk.. I would just really rather not
- Tell me I can use your photo

And I think that is all. If you need any like examples and junk, check out The Sartoralist blog for the kind of thing I mean.

And send them on in to


Oh and while I am in the neighbourhood... Click the banner and make a bubble account and vote for me! Making an account takes 2 seconds and you don't need to verify it and stuff, it's simple asssssss.

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